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There’s an old adage that says “a family that prays together, stays together.”  As powerful as that proverbial saying is, unless the prayers for your family are: in line with the will and character of God, free of individually selfish desires and manipulative motivations, and most certainly prompted by a genuine love and concern for the spiritual and natural wellbeing for your family - there are no other bonding solutions strong enough to ensure your family stays together, harmoniously that is. The good news is, God in His infinite wisdom provided principles in His word that serves as bonding agents for sustaining your family, such as: unconditional love, patience, integrity, forgiveness, healthy communication, selflessness, individual repentance, and wisdom, just to name a few.


From the very beginning of time, God designed and intended for the family to stay together unless a family member is separated through death. To ensure through faith that your family stays together, the principles above must also govern the prayers for your family. In the epistle of James (chapter 4:3), he not only addressed the issue of unanswered prayers, but he also pinpointed our improper motives as the prayer blocker.  As much as the institution of family is near and dear to God, it’s a futile effort to think that He will honor your prayers for your family if He is not the centerpiece that remains in position of control for your family. 


When I think of a centerpiece, I think of an attractive or conspicuous object positioned in the middle of a designated area to serve as an aide-mémoire for all to see.  In many instances, a centerpiece is used to highlight or provoke the attention of others towards a specific cause or thematic idea for an occasion. For those Christian families that keep Christ as their centerpiece, no matter the occasion, will not only admire Him for who He is, but more importantly they will be reminded of the importance of allowing Him to provoke and govern their actions towards each other. 

Ultimately, He is the center of hope for a family that prays together.



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