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Ephesians 3:20-21 is one of my favorite passages in the entire Bible. It reminds me that whatever may be going on in my or your life, whatever challenges you may face, whatever miracle you may need, “God can do it.” These are tough times to be sure, but no matter how challenging it may appear, He’s still God!  Through your trials, battles, doubts, fears, or disease, He’s still God. I want you to know that your trouble is not greater than your God. The Apostle Paul is in jail when he writes this encouraging word to the church at Ephesus. Even in jail Paul trusts in the unlimited power of God.

The Apostle Paul wants to remind you and I that our God has all power, and is greater than force that might come against you. Not only that, but Paul wants you to know that in every area of your life, you be successful and victorious, and that God can accomplish great things through you and me. So how do you make this text work in your life?

First, you have to remember that your success is in God! The text says, “now unto him,” not anything you bring to the equation. Unto him, the God of covenant. The God who created the universe. Remember that you were created in the image an likeness of God, and God has invested a great deal in securing your success in life. However, you have to learn how to depend on God.

The next thing you have to remember is that God never runs out of power. Paul says he is able. God is unlimited. Paul goes on to say God is able to do “exceedingly and abundantly.” In other words, God can exceed your expectations. Paul then challenges how largely you think, and says God can do above all that you can ask or think! Its’ time for you to think big because God can exceed that. The text goes to say “according to the power that works in us.” The Holy Spirit is in you and wants to work mightily in you, if you would just allow him to. You have the power within you to make a difference in someone’s life and your community.

I challenge you to take the limits off of God, and believe him for great things; for you, and your family. Whatever you can believe God for, “he can do it.” 


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